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Testimonials From Clients
Luke was recommended to my by my family physician.  She has other patients who he had treated and they highly recommended him.
I visited Luke due to a right hip muscle injury.  The injuries were quite painful.  After regular massage therapy sessions most of the pain was gone.  Part of that is due to time but a large part of it was due to the regular sessions of massage therapy where Luke concentrated on the areas of injury.  I intend to continue with regular sessions to help prevent additional injury.
Luke has provided me with much information about body movement and how muscles work and the impact of stress on your muscles to help prevent re-injury.
Luke cares about his clients...I really appreciate his focus and attention to my problem as I feel that contributes a lot to the development of a positive outlook concerning your physical health.  Luke is very professional and he has a very relaxed and friendly personality that puts you at ease almost immediately.  I rate the care and attention Luke give you at the highest!
Hercules, CA
Luke was referred to me by my physician.
         I have been suffering from migraine headaches and chronic back pain for years.  After having a conversation with my doctor about my desire to relieve the headaches without medication, I began to see Luke.  It was a successful attempt to manage and alleviate my headaches and pain.
     Life without migraines was something I thought I would never experience.  Instead I have been able to enjoy life without these debilitating headaches.
     I have been to other massage therapists in the past.  It was a relaxing experience.  But the problems weren’t addressed.  It was like putting a bandage on a fracture.  Luke was able to find, isolate, and work on the areas of my back, shoulders, and neck that hold the stress in my life and that I believe caused my migraines I suffered from.  I am happy to say that massage therapy has provided relief and I continue to manage my pain.
     Luke has absolutely taken an interest in my health.  I consider him not to be just my massage therapist but a friend that genuinely cares about my well being.
     I truly believe that my life without Luke and massage therapy would be much different.  Gone are the days that I suffered from constant pain and migraines that lasted up to two weeks at a time.  He is heaven sent!
Michelle F.
Hercules, CA
I chose to see Luke because a family member had severe migraine headaches and is now migraine free after his sessions.   [I saw Luke for] a muscle spasm in my back.
     I was unable to exercise before seeing Luke.  I am now walking 3 miles a day and have lost 16 pounds.     [Luke] has made me more aware of achieving a healthy life.
     [Luke] really cares about his clients and will go the extra mile to be sure you feel better.  [Luke] makes every client feel as though they are his only client.  He really cares.
     Overall, he has been an outstanding professional.  I recommend him all the time!
Rita F.
Hercules, CA
My family doctor recommended Luke.  [I went to see Luke for] severe neck pain.  Several other patients reported he had been able to help them.  [Since I started care] the pain has greatly diminished with regular visits.
Luke has helped me become more aware of the skeletal/muscle structure.
I am always amazed when I compare the quality of care and benefits to my health received from Luke vs. standard physical therapy.
[Luke is] a friendly, professional individual who always makes me feel that he is genuinely concerned about my health and well being.
My overall experience has been excellent!
Beth P.
Crockett, CA
After a car accident was I experiencing muscle stiffness.  My physician referred me to Luke.  My overall experience has been excellent.  Very convenient, thorough therapy and he was close to my home.  I couldn't have asked for better.
Oakland, CA
[I went to see Luke for] lower back, upper back, and neck pain due to ergonomic issues [and] a very stressful work environment.  My massage appointments have helped me relax tremendously.
[I chose Luke for] convenience – closest location to my home.  My life and activity level has most definitely improved since I started massage with Luke.
On a scale of one to ten I would rate [Luke] an eleven.  Excellent massage sessions and very helpful tips help me to relax and stay healthy.
[My overall experience has been] outstanding!  I have gone to numerous massage therapists and Luke is the best of them all!
Allen A.
Hercules, CA
Continuing pain from a back injury prompted me to add massage to my recovery program.  My doctor had heard good reports about [Luke's] work and he was close to my home.  [Luke's] program of care has been a vital part of my return to health and work.  As my back heals, massage helps me relax muscles that were held tightly protecting the injury.  I have less pain, more flexibility, and less fear of re injury. 
I am learning more about what I can do to both protect myself from re injury and test the limits working towards recovery.  I am learning more about the structure of bone and muscle and how they work together.  [Luke] takes extra time and focus on what I need each session.  He is able to adjust his techniques to be compatible with my level of fitness.
  His personal  connection is both warm and professional.  [Luke] fosters a sense of trust and optimism necessary to the healing process.  Such excellent care in our own small community was a welcome surprise! Thank you Luke!
Jane K.
Pinole, CA.

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